Our Services

​With our glass tubs, there is no better sight than to see your baby kick and move under water! This tub is suitable for babies 4-6 months old. For older kids and adults, we have a bigger hydrotherapy tub, capacity 6-7 people at one time (one family at a time).

Relax in our big tub along side with your child(ren). This tub is suitable for kids all ages and adults. Lounge in the spa's snack bar where you enjoy complimentary WiFi, snacks and flavoured water.

Hydrotherapy/Floatation with massage by an RMT is claimable through insurance.

Our registered massage therapists are highly trained to provide an ultimate massage experience to your child! Use your benefits: insurance receipts provided.

With all the hard work mommies and daddies do day-to-day, they deserve to take time to unwind. Indulge in a relaxation massage performed by one of our Registered Massage Therapists. Insurance receipts provided after the session.

Our Mommy-to-be Massage offers relaxation tailored to your stage of pregnancy. This massage is ideal for expecting moms who want to relax, for relieving muscle pain and tension due to pregnancy and for reducing stress and soothing baby. Massages are done by an RMT and an insurance receipt will be provided after the session.

* For preventive reasons, you should not receive this treatment until 12th week of pregnancy.