Can my child enjoy your services?
Starting at one month, kids all ages and adults can benefit from all of our services.

Does my child need a float?
We provide floats to kids under 5 years of age.

Is Hydrotherapy claimable through insurance?
Hydrotherapy along with massage by an RMT is claimable but Hydrotherapy alone is not claimable.

How do I make an appointment?
We are appointment based only. Sometimes we may have same day availability so please call us to reserve your spot or simply book online using the online booking button on top of the website.

Do you offer direct billing?
Direct billing with many insurance companies is available. If for some reason direct billing doesn't go through, we provide receipts for you to claim.

What do I need to bring to the appointment?
Please bring swimsuits for those who are booked for hydrotherapy. Kids who are in diapers, please bring a swim diaper for them for hydrotherapy. If you don't have a swim diaper, we sell them for $2.

You have a complimentary and unlimited access to our indoor playground (temporarily closed due to covid restrictions).

Do I need to make an appointment?

It is compulsory to make an appointment at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance to serve you better.

Please note that at this time we are not accepting walk-in appointments. Please call before visiting our Baby Spa.

How to make an appointment?

We only accept appointments via phone call 1 888 552 0583 Facebook page or Instagram.

Are floats and diapers provided?

We provide the floats and towels for free. We sell Huggies swim diaper at 2 dollars plus taxes.
Please note that we don’t accept any cloth swim diaper.

Is there anything I should prepare and bring for my visit?

As stated previously, we will provide towel and floats during the spa session. However, if your baby have a highly sensitive skin, we encourage you to bring own towel. You may also bring other baby’s essential that you think your baby might need it such as extra clothes, milk, pacifier, etc. Please ensure that your baby has being fed 30 minutes before session. E.g.: Appointment starts at 10:30 am, baby should have done eat/drink at 10:00 am. But no shorter than that please!

We do require that all babies wear Huggies Swimmable Diapers; we understand that you may not be keen on going to buy a full pack, so we do offer them here for $2 each.

Please note that we do have a limit of two adults per baby, to help keep the environment calm and quiet.

Lastly, we do have a 48 hours cancellation policy, so if anything comes up or changes, we ask that you let us know two days before your appointment, otherwise we will have to charge you for the service.

Is the water warm? What is temperature of the water?

Our water is warm. Temperature between 33°C to 36°C

Do you change the water for every baby?

We have 2 types of tubs; small and big tubs. Small tub is for baby age below 6 months and the water will change after every session. Big tub is for baby age 6 months and older, the water is treated, tested and changed every day. This tub contains ionizer which work to kill bacteria in water that ensure freshness and cleanliness of the water.

What is the differences between small and big tub?

Small tub is a single tub which is non-sharing tub for baby below 6 months only. Big tub is a sharing tub for baby age 6 months and above.

Are your therapists experienced enough to handle our baby?

All our therapists are Registered Massage Therapist and members of CMTO. A person who do not have a qualification as stated, is not eligible to apply as a Baby Therapist. Besides that, all of our therapists have received an intense and complete training before they proceed to serve your baby.

Can I leave my baby during session and come back later?

Unfortunately, our service do not work that way. It is compulsory for Parent/Guardian to accompany baby in our facility at all time. Maximum of 2 adults can accompany the baby during session.

My baby is sick, can he/she do session?

Baby with sickness (flu, cough, fever, virus infection, minor/major diseases, etc) are not permitted to visit the spa until full recovery.

My baby just got his/her injection, can he/she do session?

Baby that has just gotten injection is not allowed to do baby spa session within the following 72 hours.