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Floatation and massage therapy gives your child a strong start in natural health, mental and physical development.

How Your Child Benefits
  1. Floatation therapy provides a complete physical work-out, strengthening child’s heart and helping in the development of the brain.

  2. Movement through the water has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems.

  3. Muscular and skeletal strength are increased through the water’s gentle resistance.

  4. The small rocking waves your child creates will help improve their balance and coordination, and ultimately, support their ability to crawl, walk, run or swim.

  5. Subtle water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity by strengthening intercostal muscles and the respiratory system.

  6. Innate swimming reflexes are stimulated and co-ordination is developed as they learn to control their movements.

  7. Regular sessions benefit the cardiovascular system and improve blood flow to the heart.

  8. Massage and flotation therapy strengthens your child’s capacity to communicate and enhances feelings of trust and confidence.

  9. Massage and flotation therapy stimulate a child’s digestive, hormonal, and immune systems. Therefore, any pain or discomfort caused by gas, colic, bloating and constipation is relieved. It also reduces muscular tension, growing pains, teething discomfort, and cramping.

  10. Massage therapy improves child's sleep patterns, and reduces stress hormones. 

  11. Introducing children to water at an early age helps prevent a fear of water developing later on.

How Parents Benefit
  1. Increases parent-child bonding through interaction, relaxation, observation and communication.

  2. Improves parenting skills leading to improved self-esteem and confidence.

  3. Assists with postpartum depression.

  4. Socializing with other new parents and exchanging advices.


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