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At Itsy Bitsy Baby Spa, we understand that babies need pampering too! That’s why we offer a variety of gentle and relaxing services to keep your little one healthy and happy. Our Registered Massage Therapists have undergone extensive training to provide your baby with the best care possible, so you can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.

A complete workout for children while mommies and daddies sit, relax and immerse in our large hydrotherapy tub. Our hydrotherapy tubs accommodate children of all ages starting as early as 1 month. Our small tubs are for children 4-6 months who can enjoy floatation unaffected by gravity, as they experiment and develop a range of movements.

Some children may be hesitant to go in water so our large tub allows parents to get in with their children allowing children to become comfortable with water at an early age.

The water temperature in our tubs is kept at a comfortable temperature of 33°C to 36°C.

Chiropractic care is primarily a hands-on, non-invasive and drugless practice that is safe and effective for the management of musculoskeletal conditions – from small children to adults to pregnant women to Olympic athletes. Musculoskeletal conditions can range in severity, they can be mild or severe, acute or chronic, common or rare, localized to one body region or widespread. Musculoskeletal conditions come in all shapes and sizes and our chiropractors are here to help.


At our Baby Spa, we understand the importance of natural health for your little one. That's why we offer Naturopathy services to help with nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle coaching. We also provide guidance for digestion issues, to help ensure your baby is comfortable and happy. Our Naturopathy services are designed to help you raise a colic-free baby.


At our Fun Zone, kids enjoy playing with a variety of educational toys that  help develop problem solving skills, teach about conflict resolution and how cause and effect work. Children also learn sharing, develop fine and gross motor skills and nurture their creativity and imagination.

At our Reading Nook, spark your child's imagination and stimulate their curiosity. Help your child's brain, social skills and communication skills develop. Exercising their mind, and enhance concentration, imagination and creativity.


In our Picasso Corner, kids can express their artistic skills by painting on a canvas and taking it home. Painting helps develop muscle control. Working with a brush or small tool helps develop fine motor skills. Painting also helps develop your child's hand eye coordination.


Enjoy coffee, herbal teas or flavoured water while snacking at our snack bar. Our snack bar carries complimentary snacks for kids and adults.

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